Take away the hassle of manage the website yourself

Venture Lite Package (E-commerce with Shopping Cart Lite)

With online catalogue, plus shopping cart ability, this is an ideal package for companies to enhance their business by harnessing the profit of selling online.
- Dedicated Project Manager
- Customized flash and website design
- Powerful Content management system
- Online Catalogue with sub-categories
- Shopping Cart Lite for fast visitor checkout (with out user accounts)
- Full Service Website Maintenance
- 5 Domain alias capability
- 20 POP3 business email accounts with webmail access. 100MB/account.
- 750 MB of online storage space.
Price: $2,849.00   Monthly Service Fee: $68.95

Standard Services and Features

Website Services and Features

  1. Dedicated Project Manager: One of our friendly and experienced project manager will be assigned to lead you every step of the way and to help you implement the website.
  2. Customized website design: down to every single detail of your specification to ensure proper representation of your company.
  3. Flash Element: A Flash intro page or a Flash picture will be added for your website to be alive with motion.
  4. Unlimited Custom Page Layout: Merx Motion designers will go through and layout each page with you for professional finish, doesn't matter how many pages you have.
  5. Stock Images: We will also find stock images for you to make sure all visual details are taken care of.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: Tweaks the websites title and Meta tag for better Search Engine results.
  7. Multi-Language Tool: Making Multi-language website can never be easier with our multi-language tool which comes standard with our system.
  8. Entire site search: allows your website visitors to find anything with ease.

Content Management System

  1. Intuitive management: Tree structure organization of your site to make site management a breeze.
  2. WYSIWYG Content Editor: allow users of all levels to be able to maintain their website with ease
  3. Web Based Upload Tools: upload images for your website to the server without going through the hassle of FTP program.

Content Management System

  1. In-house training class: will not only teach you about our system, you will also learn how internet marketing is done, and what's possible.
  2. Telephone / email technical support: to ensure nothing goes wrong with your website.

Standard Recurring services

Future Maintenance

  1. Full - Service Website update: We will help you to maintain your website, so you don't have to go through all the tedious details.
  2. Future Upgrades: You will never have to worry about catching up with the technology, we will provide free system upgrade to keep you updated.
  3. DesignSwitch Capability: If you need to update the look of your website, you don't have to Redo everything, we can simply design a new look and apply it to the current website.

Platinum Hosting Services

  1. Our servers are optimized for unmatched stability and reliability.
  2. Domain Alias: allows different domains to be pointing to the same website.
  3. POP3 E-mail Accounts: we provide AD free POP3 e-mail account customized for your domain name to work with Outlook, Outlook Express, and other popular email client program.
  4. Web mail Access: you can also view your e-mail on the run with our web mail. Check and reply just like hotmail.
  5. Online Storage: web space sufficient enough to put everything you need on the internet.
  6. Unlimited Bandwidth: We do not limit your bandwidth, this means you can have unlimited number of visitors to go to your website.
  7. Website Stats: Our website statistics tool is powered by industry leader Urchin, a Google company

Optional Services

  1. Custom Programming: If there are modifications or additions necessary to make your website work better, we will work with you and build it on top of what you currently have. It will save a lot of development time and cost.
  2. Custom Design: Request for new design elements big or small anytime to make sure your website look just the way you want it.
  3. Catalogue Input: We can input your entire catalogue for you at a very cost effective price. Services include scanning, sorting, categorizing and inputing.
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